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Facebook Changes: The Visual Responses

Well it’s been a big week of change in the world of Facebook, with rumours of many more on the horizon. As is always the case when Facebook changes anything people are passionately divided, with complaints and compliments flooding our news feeds. Personally, I am enjoying (most of) Facebook’s proactive responses to the launch of Google+, especially the introduction of Facebook Lists and the Subscribe Button. And yes, some of them will take time to get used to – they always do.

I have talked about in past blogs how social media seems to bring out the best in people’s senses of humour. This week has been no exception with the following Facebook funnies (picked from many that have sprung up within a day).

This was many people’s initial reaction to the latest changes…

Ahh we love good old Dr Seuss…

Is this how you feel?

Well it is free peeps but that doesn’t mean we all have to like it…

Yeah I agree that update box in the top right hand corner is kinda annoying so far…

And one last one…

And this one is my favourite as it’s so true…

What do you think of the latest Facebook changes? What do you like / hate? What do you think will be next? Do you think Facebook have responded well to the challenge put them by Google+? Love to hear your views.


Social Media Funnies

We all love a good laugh and there is no better or quicker humour than that expressed in the social media space – here are some of my favourites. 

Remember when we thought a “Dear John” letter was bad? Well now breaking up is done by text, Twitter or Facebook. Some find out they are no longer in a relationship by way of their ex partner’s FB status update declaring their singledom.

I had to laugh when this did the rounds just days after Google+ started their foray into social media.

Google+ vs facebook


We can all now be super sleuths, with social media leaving clues leading to the solving of many a mystery…I can hardly wait to solve my first real life crime (always been a tad addicted to CSI – Grisham eat your heart out).

foursquare, twitter, facebook, social media


I wonder if there is a Social Media ANON yet? Hmm, not touching this one as might be committed myself…

blogging, blogs. blog


First world problem – do I follow you back just because you followed me? Do I have to be friends on Facebook? Do I need to reciprocate by adding you back in my circles? Will you notice if I delete you? Ahh, what to do, what to do?


Got any other good ones? Share the links….



8.5 reasons that Twitter rocks – personal perspective

When I joined twitter in Feb 09 I, like many, scratched my head and wondered what I was doing there – but I hung in there and quickly discovered the magic of this valuable social networking platform both from a personal and a business perspective.

Having considered myself a bit of a social media early adopter, being on facebook well before my teen-age step children and any of my friends (thanks to a client from the UK who convinced me it would take on in Australia – oh what foresight), I was like a prize winning pedigree dog suddenly thrust into a cat show and expected to win. What the hell was # and why did it have words following it? How was I ever going to communicate with only 140 characters at my disposal? Is it not voyeuristic following every nuance of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s relationship? Who are the randoms following me and do I follow them back?

The Twitter love birds

I am sure my first tweet was like most first tweets  “Okay I’m on twitter now what do I do?” or maybe it was even more banal “This is my first tweet”. I’m tipping it was the latter – clearly originality when in the wildernsss isn’t my strongpoint. In reality I thought my first tweet was probably also going to be my last tweet.

It didn’t take me long to fall head over heels in love with twitter and I found myself even more drawn to the micro blogging site than facebook. It took me longer to fall but I fell harder, much harder.

I fell hard for many reasons not the least being:

  • The peeps : I have met and continue to meet fabulous people who I would not usually meet in my “real world” or on facebook, some of whom I have met in person
  • The celebs: I am now able to directly tell my favourite authors how much I love their books. I can even kid myself that Warren Buffett is speaking directly to me with his tweeted advise
  • The fun: It makes me laugh – I’m not quite sure why but people appear funnier on twitter. Maybe the capping of 140 characters cuts out the waffle or maybe the anonymity makes allowance for a certain irreverence not usually tolerated
  • The news: The access to ‘instant news’ stories such as the killing of Bin laden, earthquakes & natural disasters, the track grading at Flemington (okay maybe that is news for a punter) have all been reported on twitter well before traditional media picks it up
  • Local Information: You see smoke billowing in your neighbourhood and you only have to type the name of the street and 9 times out of 10 someone will have tweeted about what is happening – mystery sorted
  • The Advise: Looking at buying anything from lipstick to a car to computer software you will get a plethora of opinion all assisting purchasing decisions
  • Connecting to businesses: Many businesses are now active on twitter – my experience is that  companies like telcos and banks give you a quicker answer on twitter and you don’t have to put up with horrendous Green Sleeves on hold music
  • Being heard: Modern day biz can no longer get away with bad customer service or dodgy dealings as peeps on these platforms of real time communication does not suffer fools wisely. A successful business listens to their customers on these forums and corrects quickly.
  • Oh, and sometimes I just love eavesdropping #justsaying

There are many more things to love about this fabulous social media platform – and these are just the reasons I love it from a personal perspective. And yes it, like everything, also has it’s unloveable qualities – who or what doesn’t?! That is another blog in itself.  Share what you like (or not like) about it?




Social Media Definition of Peeing

I’m not sure what this says about me that the first post I share with you is about peeing but it’s too good to resist -an oldie but a goodie.

I am thinking a great addition to this would be Google+ <<Peeing in Circles>>