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42 Signs You Are A Social Media Tragic

You may have a slight addiction to social media and new technology if you can relate to more than half of these:

  1. The first thing you do when waking up is roll over, grab your phone and check FB, Twitter and/or Instagram
  2. Don’t think it’s odd that parents in India have named their child Facebook
  3. Use hashtags in your text messages
  4. Say peeps or tweeps instead of people
  5. Check-in on FB or foursquare before you have even sat down
  6. Check FB and foursquare to see if anyone you know is there rather than looking over your shoulder
  7. Actually check-in at uncool venues like the supermarket!
  8. Say lol out loud
  9. Say lol in your head (worse)
  10. Set up FB profile for your cat or dog
  11. Call Mark Zuckerberg “Zuck” as if you actually know him
  12. Have shared Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech
  13. Actually talk to others on your pet’s FB page as if you were a cat/dog
  14. Have a party and the only invite you send out is on FB
  15. Don’t bother with people who aren’t on FB
  16. Look down on people who say “I don’t get Twitter”
  17. Have your phone with you in the bath/pool- the risk of getting wet far outweighs the risk of missing a tweet
  18. No longer watch the news or read papers as you saw anything newsworthy on Twitter before it even happened
  19. Say #fail out loud when someone gives you bad service
  20. Threaten bad service providers with exposure to your 1000’s of followers
  21. Roll your eyes and stop talking when people say “What is social media?”
  22. Think texting and emailing is so 2010
  23. Feel sympathy for people who aren’t using an android phone – iPhones are so passe!
  24. Post photos of food you don’t even eat
  25. Catch up with a friend you haven’t seen for months mention what they have been up to on Facebook in first sentence
  26. Blog about pretty much anything
  27. Say things like “Once you have a Mac you’ll never go back”
  28. Have your phone next to you at the dinner table and take sneaky looks every 5 mins
  29. Don’t physically speak to another human being for more than a 24 hours but feel you’ve socialised all dat.
  30. Get your landline at home cut off
  31. Have more than 3 games of Hanging with Friends or Words With Friends going at once 
  32. Have completed every level of Candy Crush
  33. Have a Google+ profile just in case it takes off
  34. Couldn’t possibly travel to China where FB is banned
  35. Say the word ‘much’ at the end of a sentence.
  36. Won’t date someone because you see they only have 72 FB friends
  37. Have more photos on FB than in your physical albums
  38. Use Instagram instead of a wedding photographer
  39. Won’t deal with a company with no social media profile
  40. Have more virtual friends than real ones
  41. Think it’s acceptable to take more than one selfie a week
  42. You’ve planned your perfect life on Pinterest
Anymore you can add?
Author: Kirsten Trethowan, Chit Chat Media 

Pinterest: how, why and what?

Okay I admit it, I have been remiss in not blogging much lately. But really it’s not my fault. I lay 100% of the blame on pinterest. She keeps calling out to me at all times of the day and night. One can only assume that Pinterest is female as she is as pretty as a picture, actually, as pretty as about a million pictures.

What is Pinterest?

A year ago very few people, myself included, had ever heard the word Pinterest. Then all of a sudden there was an explosion that I am sure many other platform developers are green with envy about. This still relatively new social media tool is a virtual pinboard that allows you to collect wonderful images (many of which have a link behind them that takes you to a website). If you are planning a wedding, party, holiday, renovation or just your life in general, this is the perfect medium for you. Plus it is easy to use. You can surf through your friends pins or choose categories and check out other pins that may be of interest. If you like a pin enough you just add it to one of your boards.

How do you pronounce Pinterest?

This might seem like an odd question, but so far I have heard many different pronunciations. Some people say Pin-Interest some say P-Interest but it is actually phonetic and is pronounced as it is spelt – Interest with a P, Pin-ter-est.  Speaking of phonetic – why is phonetic not a phonetic word? Distracting food for thought!

Be careful – it’s addictive

Consider yourself forewarned, she beckons with dream holiday locations, breathtaking recipes, book case porn, inspirational quotes that I wish I had penned myself, and much much more. I love that I can store whimsical thoughts, dreams and even practical ideas. Yes that’s right – I have used it for some practical ideas, not just dreams, and have even cooked a few recipes from my boards.  I found this pic (on the right) on Pinterest which motivated me to move my cluttered cleaning cupboard to the back of an unseen door to provide much needed storage space. Simple yet effective – just like Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, I often goggle my holiday destinations pins and lust over my ‘for the home” board.

How do I join Pinterest?

Just head on over to Pinterest and   and sign up. You no longer need an invitation to join.

A great guide on all the in’s and out’s of Pinterest is by HubSpot: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest for Marketing. 

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is definitely a game changer for industries such as travel, retail, eCommerce and many others. From September 2011 to February 2012 the monthly unique visitor grew over 866% so I would say it’s already changed a few games!

Check out Amy Porterfield‘s The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business - it’s a great guide for businesses wanting to learn more about Pinterest.

See links at the bottom of the page for some hints and examples of how businesses are already capitalising on this medium. Check out the infographic below, on the Power of Pinterest by Fast Company, to see how far Pinterest has come.

The Power of Pinterest by Fast Company

Let me know if you have any questions or feel free to share some of your favourite pins.

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Author: Kirsten Trethowan

Post updated on January 18th 2013