Why Use Twitter? Stats & Facts Infographic

This week Twitter has again revamped its’ look and functionality in the never ending battle for social media supremacy it shares with Facebook and Google+. Not quite sure why they all want to look alike but, according to Mashable, it looks even more like Facebook. There’s sure to be the usual uproar that accompany any changes made to our prized platforms. But as is par for the course, our indignant protests will dwindle out and our passion for social media will live on.

Stats & Facts on Twitter

Putting the changes aside, if you haven’t yet given Twitter the attention it deserves maybe it’s time you did. This social media micro-blogging site is thriving after celebrating it’s 5th birthday earlier in the year, with over 200 million users (and growing). The infographic below is a great snap-shot of how far Twitter has come in a short period of time.

Lady Gaga remains the most popular personality on Twitter with a staggering 16,748,319 followers – yes she has increased her following by over 6 million followers since this infographic was created a few months ago.

It is hard to ignore the fact that we are now sending a billion tweets a week. When Michael Jackson tragically died we tweeted 456 tweets a second! Read on for more interesting Twitter facts and figures…

Source: InfographicsArchive.com

If you still don’t “get Twitter” check out 8.5 Reasons I Love Twitter  and also How To Attract Genuine Twitter Followers for tips on how to build your follower numbers.

For more information on the Twitter changes: http://fly.twitter.co


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