How to secure your Facebook profile with SMS

Did you know that 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked daily? According to Sophos, this is the case and although this only represents 0.06% of the accounts logged in to on a daily basis it’s an alarmingly high number.

So you may not think it will happen to you, but if it does, you are going to wish you had taken the below steps.

So what is SMS authentication?

The security feature I’m talking about has the glamorous name that may sound familiar, 2 factor authentication or SMS authentication. It may not sound sexy, but it’s preventing dangerous hacking attempts all over the web and now its available in Facebook.

It basically uses an SMS sent to your phone to apply an extra layer of security to your account. If Facebook already has your mobile number, you are already halfway there.

If a hacker on the other side of the world tries to access your account, say he has your email and even your password already, normally he would be able to gain access to your account, but with SMS authentication, the hacker is missing the second piece of authentication and is locked out. The second piece of authentication is a code which is sent via SMS to your mobile phone and must be typed to gain access.

Basically SMS authentication requires something you already know, like a password and something else you can receive, only if you are the owner of the account.

Yes, it does sound annoying to set up, but it only needs to be setup up once on each piece of hardware and hence, unfortunately it probably won’t stop your Facebook being hacked by your friends when you leave your phone on the table in a bar. It will however stop strangers from gaining access from their own computer. facebook-security

To setup SMS Authentication in Facebook

1. Log in to Facebook and click the Account button and then Account Settings, up the top of the page.

2. This will open your Facebook settings. Go down to Account Security and click Change.

3. Go down to Login Approvals and check the box saying, Require me to enter a security code sent to my phone. One of the options here will be to enable Login Approvals, check this box saying Require me to enter a security code sent to my phone.

A window will appear now that will take you through the rest of the process

4. And activate the SMS authentication

Note: You will need to have your mobile phone with you to complete the process.

Once you have done this you will also need to approve the current hardware device that you are using and add it to a list of approved devices. You will need to do this to each device you use Facebook on including mobile devices.


In conclusion, this security measure is one of the best solutions available to date and although it is a little annoying, especially if for some reason you cannot receive text messages on your phone, it is a great way to avoid becoming one of those 600,000 a day statistics.

Guest Post by Agus Echagüe 

Agus is the Marketing Manager (or Capocha as she calls herself) at SMS Central, so always has an excuse to be texting at the office. A marketing nerd all the way from Argentina, Agus has worked previously in tech for as well as for consumer brands such as Unilever. Agus believes in balancing hardcore number crunching with airy-fairy, go with your gut style creative thinking and so far it is working out well.


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