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What is Chit Chat Media?

Established in 2008, Chit Chat Media is an innovative boutique Melbourne-based social media organization that provides consulting services, strategies and campaigns for small- to medium-size businesses.

Prior to diving headfirst into the social media arena four years ago, Kirsten Trethowan, the creator of Chit Chat Media, had a background in PR, marketing, sales and media working predominately for some of Australia’s top magazine publishers.

Because we are not a full-service digital agency, we in many cases are a more affordable option for the clients we serve. To the extent during the course of an assignment that a task arises requiring specialist services which we are not ourselves equipped to provide, we maintain strong alliances with a number of other specialist consultants.

Why use Chit Chat Media?

No time to get the results you need from social media?

Feel you are missing the social media boat?

Want to reach your part of the millions of Australians using social media to help them in their buying decision?

Click here to find out more about the popularity of social media in Australia.

We are here to help you reach your goals, assisting you to:

  • Drive brand exposure & reinforce brand values?
  • Engage advocates and foster growth of advocacy  
  • Increase website traffic??
  • Further enhance your existing marketing strategy

Past and present clients have included retail, FMCG, financial institutions, e-commerce start-ups and seminar promoters.

How we work

What we do for you will depend on your needs, budget and how much of the task you want to do yourself in-house and how much you want to outsource.

At one extreme, we can do all the work or you – put together and fully implement a tailor-made program for you – frequency of posting depending on client. In such cases, we do the chatting for you and manage your communities.

Alternatively, under the do it largely yourself option, we can spend time assisting you to set up your social media sites, strategising and getting you started with all the knowledge required for you to fly solo. We can also provide you with effective tools and teach you some crafty tricks.

Contact us for a bespoke proposal to see how your company can join the many already achieving remarkable results from social media.

Social media is our passion – let us share it with you.


Kirsten Trethowan and Chit Chat Media have taken our brand The Muesli to new heights, though the world of Social Media.  A world that was just a little too hard for us to fully get our own heads around.  Kirst’s skills are numerous and all an integral part of how and why she manages to take you product and get it out there.  From day one she was completely engaged with The Muesli, a true believer and convert.  She always goes to great lengths to get the best content, articles, research and other relevant material for a well organised and structured stream of information and entertainment, all under the banner of The Muesli.  We can’t recommend her highly enough to take care of your ‘social’ needs!

Emma Dumas, Bodsquad Australia

Kirst has spearheaded the social media strategy for ozmattress.com.au and engaged an established community of 2000 mute fans. Since taking our project onboard, user engagement and social reach has grown enormously. With limited ad spend our FB fan base has increased by 35% and our engagement has ballooned by up to 2000% !!! Equally as impressive is our community, which is highly focused to our core demographic in geo-targeted locations across our serviced states.

We have measurable ROI via social / sales funnels that have in some weeks outperformed Adword campaigns dollar for dollar. The true measure of Kirst’s efforts is difficult to quantify. We can say that our scope of desired social strategy has been met. Trust, Credibility, Engagement, Community, Lead Gen and ROI.

She has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, is highly networked, resourceful, open to feedback and provides actionable insight beyond her requirements. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Stefan Papas, ozmattress.com.au

Kirsten was born to be a social media guru. I enjoy her insights and her grounded perspective. A lovely authentic personality and a sense of humour makes her a pleasure to work with.

Dianne Filipenko, Fine Lines Writing

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been using the services of Chit Chat Media now for at least 4 years and the reason I love their work is because they understand the purpose of Social Media. Their warm, friendly and targeted approach meant that my clients and potential clients were always treated as friends… Their approach was always about quality relationship and education… people buy from people they like and Chit Chat completely understands this philosophy.

Jane Jordan, Interactive learning Forum

Chit Chat Media have been central to our marketing strategy. Kirsten worked successfully to create a presence  for MeeMeep in a very crowded startup marketplace that allowed us to engage with our first customers. Kirsten is an extremely professional and creative talent in the social media space in Australia.

Will Emmet, meemeep.com

Remunerator has worked with Chit Chat Media for about a year. They have proven to be at the leading edge of Social Media and have greatly enhanced our presence in this space.

In a short time they helped Remunerator get coverage to more than 200,000 people, and growing significantly each week. They have demonstrated to be a great business partner and we are happy to recommend them to any of potential customers.

Matthew Honan, Remunerator 

Social media is Kirsten’s forte. She has an excellent handle on the finer nuances of this new genre of marketing. Add to this her exceptional communication skills and you have an almighty tool to boost  your  business into the ‘brave new world’ of advertising. Thanks Kirst – because of you Broads Abroad Travel Network is on its way to becoming an up-and-coming brand name.

 Mandy Rowe, Broads Abroad Network

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