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Facebook Changes: The Visual Responses

Well it’s been a big week of change in the world of Facebook, with rumours of many more on the horizon. As is always the case when Facebook changes anything people are passionately divided, with complaints and compliments flooding our news feeds. Personally, I am enjoying (most of) Facebook’s proactive responses to the launch of Google+, especially the introduction of Facebook Lists and the Subscribe Button. And yes, some of them will take time to get used to – they always do.

I have talked about in past blogs how social media seems to bring out the best in people’s senses of humour. This week has been no exception with the following Facebook funnies (picked from many that have sprung up within a day).

This was many people’s initial reaction to the latest changes…

Ahh we love good old Dr Seuss…

Is this how you feel?

Well it is free peeps but that doesn’t mean we all have to like it…

Yeah I agree that update box in the top right hand corner is kinda annoying so far…

And one last one…

And this one is my favourite as it’s so true…

What do you think of the latest Facebook changes? What do you like / hate? What do you think will be next? Do you think Facebook have responded well to the challenge put them by Google+? Love to hear your views.


Setting SMART Objectives For Your Social Media Campaign

There’s only one thing harder to reach than an impossible goal – and that’s a goal you haven’t set. This applies to most things in life, and social media is certainly no exception. If you want to have a successful social media campaign, it’s critical to have goals and SMART objectives.

Goals and Objectives – What’s the Dif?

A lot of people don’t even know the difference between goals and objectives, here’s a quick summary:

Goals: provide a general sense of what you want to achieve with your social media campaign. Examples of social media goals might be brand awareness, increasing traffic, or increasing your authority on a subject.

Objectives: While people generally don’t have too much difficulty ascertaining goals, they tend to have more trouble figuring out objectives. Objectives should be thought of as the small steps you need to take in order to reach your goals – hence it’s important that you get them right. The best ways to reach your goals efficiently is by using SMART objectives.

What are SMART Objectives?

SMART objectives are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound. Let’s delve a bit further into each of these:

Specific: Your objective should be well defined and focussed. List exactly what you want to see happen in fine detail – being vague will leave to vague results.

Measurable: If you can’t track and measure the results of your objective it’s pretty much useless, as you’ll never be able to determine the return you get from it. Not only is it bad practise not to measure, how can you convince your clients/overseers what you’re doing is worthwhile is you’ve got no evidence of the results?

Attainable: While it’s important that you need to stretch to reach your objective, make sure it’s not impossible, or else you’re more likely to become disheartened and give up on it.

Realistic: Make sure achieving your objective is realistic from a resources point of view. Even though social media campaigns can be implemented at little monetary cost – the time required can itself be too much for some businesses, particularly small ones.

Time bound: Don’t set your objectives then let them float around for months. Tie them down with a set time for completion, this will provide you with both a sense of urgency and motivation to get them done.

It’s not too late to set SMART objectives

Just because your social media campaign is already under way doesn’t mean it’s too late to implement some SMART objectives. Think of it this way, which would you prefer: a week or so of inconvenience while you take time out to assess your goals and set SMART objectives so that you can start seeing return from your social media campaign now: or continue going around in circles and wasting time on activities that you’re not even sure you’re getting anything out of?

Final tip:

If you’re having trouble figuring out what are appropriate goals and smart objectives for your social media campaign – don’t just give up on it, get some help. Not only are they the foundation of your social media activities, they’re also your blue print for building – so it’s vital to get them set properly. A good Social Media Consultant should be able to help you figure out what’s appropriate for your business in less than a day (depending on the size and complexity of your business) – and set you on the right path to achieving your goals in an efficient and effective manner.

Guest post by Daniel Smith, Social Media Consultant at Propaganda House. Tweet him @propagandahouse




Top Viral Video Brands

Usually we switch channels when the ads come on TV but some ads are so powerful and subtle that we actively share them via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Millions of hours must be spent by creatives and advertising gurus pondering what is the winning formula that can suddenly make an ad an international success.

Below is a recent infographic by on the most viral brands of 2010. Interestingly enough 10 times more videos are shared on Facebook than on Twitter.

What brands do you think have used viral video marketing well? Who will be the next Old Spice?

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